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Don Yorty is a poet, educator, and garden activist living in New York City. He is the author of two previous poetry collections, A Few Swimmers Appear and Poet Laundromat (both from Philadelphia Eye & Ear), and he is included in Out of This World, An Anthology of the Poetry of the St. Mark’s Poetry Project, 1966– 1991. 

His novel What Night Forgets was published by Herodias Press in 2000. He blogs at donyorty.com: an archive of current art, his own writing, and work of other poets. His newest book, Spring Sonnets, was published by Indolent Books in August 2019.

Published work:

  • A Few Swimmers Appear

  • Poet Laundromat

  • What Night Forgets

  • Spring Sonnets

Like to cook, especially for friends and loved ones.

Like to walk in the woods. 

Live and let live. Even little insects, try not to step on them.

My Books

Spring Sonnets

What Night Forgets

A Few Swimmers Appear

Poet Laundromat


Review of Spring Sonnets by Don Yorty

In his sonnets, the poet Don Yorty gives us a piece of his mind and a chunk of his spirit.

Not so much small as compact, that literary miniature known as the sonnet has held pride of place—not just in English—for 500 years. From the oft-quoted creations of Shakespeare and John Donne to Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets, 1964—considered his greatest work—the 14-line stanza, of varying rhyme schemes and assorted structures, has proven a satisfying form. Is it the brevity? Is it the fact that, whether as writer or reader, we know approximately what we’re getting? Is it because this deft instrument seems particularly amenable to certain feeling-states, or to any?

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